It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.

-Queen Elizabeth II



Soul is our business. We get this one life to live, so we believe in living in alignment with the deep calling of our soul. So, we have set out on this mission of soulful living.

We, like you, are passionate about creating our most mindful, soulful, authentic lives, one creative and conscious choice at a time. 

Together, let's live each day with more intention & soul. Work with us one on one for a deeper, more personalized experience of soul alignment. Join a training to learn more about the wisdom of yoga. Connect with us on a seasonal adventure or ritual-based workshop as we enhance our connection to ourselves, each other, and the world.

Join us on this journey of wellness, self-love, and divine joy. We can't wait to meet YOU!



We are Lisa and Kristin. Our divine introduction to each other in 2015 changed both of our lives. We knew immediately that we were meant to be friends, and that we both shared a soul calling to help others achieve wellness.

After hosting our first women's yoga retreat together in 2015, we were both struck by the healing power of yoga, community, and nature. The impact of this first retreat created a ripple effect of the work we currently do and the vision for future offerings.

The path we have taken has greatly impacted our personal healing, and our alignment back to our soul, and it is our greatest desire to share the gift of this experience with others.

If you're ready to walk in the direction of your wild and soulful life, we are ready to walk with you.