Finding Your Rhythm

Aligning with Earth & Sky

Are there days when you feel like a magical badass and other days where you feel frazzled and out of whack? Does your health feel out of balance? Do you feel disconnected from your true nature?

Our bodies aim for homeostasis naturally…which is a fancy way of saying all living things seek balance. However, our modern lifestyle promotes disconnection from our natural rhythms, therefore leaving us drained, moody, irritable, out of sorts. Understanding how the natural cycles impact our health and well-being is key to living an aligned, balanced, well life.

Join Lisa and Kristin of Wild Souls Yoga as we explore the seasons, moon cycles, and our reconnection with the earth and sky to improve wellness, mind, body and spirit.

Bring a girlfriend, your yoga mat & water. We will bring the rest!  Register below.  Space is limited!

Flow Yoga Studio, Arvada, CO

Saturday, March 16, 2019


$30/per person