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Hey! Kristin here… I know ya’ll are used to hearing from Lisa. I’ve been pretty quiet lately, as my life in the last year has been in somewhat of a metamorphosis.

In the midst of my major life changes, I’ve been spending much time in reflection: reflection on my life personally, on Wild Souls and HER future, and I’ve been reflecting on our wonderful community. We have such a beautiful tribe of lovely, supportive women and men, and every single time we put on an event, whether it’s a retreat, a yoga class, or a casual meetup I am always so moved by the welcoming, loving, healing vibe that seems to transpire from the collective group of all of YOU.

If we are being real with each other, the last 15 months or so have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. And if we have learned anything, I hope that we have learned collectively to find our tribe and love them hard. So that is what we do. We love. We show up, and we love. And we thank you for doing that.

Lisa, Mandy, and I are so grateful for each of you and grateful for the platform of Wild Souls to engage with each of you. With that being said, we are eager to continue to create ways to connect to each of you, and to continue to build a community of supportive women and men as we continue to navigate the ever-changing world around us. So we have an exciting announcement to share with each of you!

Wild Souls Yoga is also going through a bit of a metamorphosis.. We are and always will be flowing and shifting in the ways in which we show up and the events that we offer to our community. With that being said, we are excited to introduce you to the new version of Wild Souls Yoga: WILD SOULS COLLECTIVE!

You may have noticed our new logo on our Facebook page. The logo looks similar to the pink one you may have grown to love. And not to worry… the pink OG logo is here to stay. This new logo signifies our evolution as a brand, as a company, as a community.

We’ve switched it up a bit… We are moving towards ‘Wild Souls Collective’ instead of ‘Wild Souls Yoga’. We’ve also updated our enso swirl to a lovely mint green to signify our new adventure!.

It’s so interesting because it seems recent world events and shifts have made us all stop and reflect on how we want to spend our time and who we want to spend our time with. The last year has made us realize how short life is, and it has reflected back to us the ways in which we may or may not be living in alignment with our passions, purpose, desires, and inherent gifts. We as a company and as a community feel this deeply. We are always looking for ways to grow, heal, create, and collaborate with our tribe - our COLLECTIVE!

So check out all of the ways we’ve been creating opportunities to connect!

Book Club:

Every month we choose a book to read together as a community. This started many years ago, as we would share with each other the books we were reading in their own lives. We were reading such awesome books and having such great conversations, we decided to share this with others who love to read. So now, we offer book suggestions monthly that we read and discuss live on Facebook every Wednesday at 1 pm. To learn more, check out the information on the Events section of our website.

WS Adventures:

If you have ever been on our retreats, you know how much we LOVE nature. If you have been to our events or taken our online classes, you may have met Mandy who is our resident sacred nature guide. She is gifted at connecting to the magic of nature and sharing her deep knowledge of all things related to Mother Nature. Mandy frequently sets up hikes and other outdoor adventures throughout the year. Be on the lookout for the next Wild Souls Adventures meetup!

Creative Art Projects:

Mandy is our Creative Director at Wild Souls, and she never fails to create unique, soulful art projects, perfect for all levels on the artistic scale. The truth is, we all have an inner artist, and Mandy is the perfect guide to unleash our inner Creative Goddess. Check out opportunities to attend her art events - you won’t be disappointed!

Healing Circles:

One of the books we have read is called The Power of Eight by Lynn McTaggart. In the book, she talks about the healing power of group intention. We combined what we learned from Lynn and our yoga studies with energy healing to create our own unique format of healing circles that we have had the privilege of facilitating with our community numerous times. We believe in the power of women, community, breathwork, and working with energy to create healing shifts. To learn more, please contact us. We would love to create a healing circle for you and your tribe.

Private Workshops & Events:

We absolutely love teaching yoga and leading retreats. This has led us over the years to work privately with families, as well as to work with corporations in a team-building capacity. We have also created private retreats for groups. In our evolution as a brand, what we know for sure is we love to cater to the unique needs of our community, and there is no better way for us to do this than to create highly individualized events. We have had the opportunity to create curriculum specific to self-care, mental health, energy work, the wisdom of nature, and much, much more.

August 2021 14er Adventure:

You may have seen on Facebook that we are doing a 14er this summer. We have invited all who are interested to join along in the fun. For more information, please reach out to us. This is not a paid event, but rather we are doing a 14er and would love to include anyone interested.

Please continue to let us know how we can serve you. Thank you for being a part of our community. If you are reading this, in some capacity, we are connected. We recognize the evolution happening all around us, and that this evolution can be challenging and rewarding. We are honored to be on this journey with you. We are honored that we get to serve you through what we love most - yoga and everything it encompasses. We hope that you will join us for one of the events above. And maybe in the future, you connect with us in a way we haven’t foreseen yet.

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