Why You Should Be Celebrating the New Year NOW! by Kristin Schooler

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Spring is in full swing here in Colorado…

There are so many lovely signs of life appearing.

The grass is getting greener, the trees are budding, the songbirds are singing.

It the midst of this budding beauty, the weather is also a bit tumultuous - one day the bold Colorado sun that we are so famous for is shining in her full glory and the temperature outside is trying to ease it’s way to a perfect 70 degrees; and yet the very next day, the sky looks grey with majestic stormy clouds churning along the Rockies, bringing in mist, or even snow flurries.

Springtime is like this, full of constant change and growth, Mother Nature preparing for her grandest show of the year. In order for Mother Nature to be her best, most beautiful, and abundant self, there is some churning and growth that has to happen. During this time of year, we can feel the ups and the downs of inner change and growth, maybe leaving us feeling a bit ungrounded or off center.


Did you know that some cultures actually celebrate the new year in the spring? Just about every culture around the globe has some religious celebration of resurrection, rebirth, fertility, growth, washing away of the old… you get the idea. The season of spring, with the flowers and the trees, is indicative of this very thing – new, beautiful growth out of the death and decay of the cold winter. And yes, this is a metaphor for our lives.

If we are to live a life more aligned with the seasons, this actually makes a ton of sense, to lean into our internal change and growth in the springtime - look outside...spring is literally the season of new growth. It is the resurrection of new life out of the death and decay of winter. It is our reminder that we can always begin to grow again. It is always our invitation to receive the light.

We celebrate our new year in the dead of winter. Why we try and recreate ourselves in the middle of the winter doesn’t really make sense. The winter season is a time of deep inner listening. Winter is a time of hibernation. It is a time to rest and to heal, not the time to grow!

So let me ask you this: Did you set New Year’s resolutions back in January? How did that go? If it didn’t go as you planned, maybe give yourself a break and take a lesson from Mother Nature. January wasn’t the time to sprout out in your best self, but now is a wonderful time for a renewal of you.