Why You Should Be Celebrating the New Year NOW! by Kristin Schooler

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Spring is in full swing here in Colorado…

There are so many lovely signs of life appearing.

The grass is getting greener, the trees are budding, the songbirds are singing.

It the midst of this budding beauty, the weather is also a bit tumultuous - one day the bold Colorado sun that we are so famous for is shining in her full glory and the temperature outside is trying to ease it’s way to a perfect 70 degrees; and yet the very next day, the sky looks grey with majestic stormy clouds churning along the Rockies, bringing in mist, or even snow flurries.

Springtime is like this, full of constant change and growth, Mother Nature preparing for her grandest show of the year. In order for Mother Nature to be her best, most beautiful, and abundant self, there is some churning and growth that has to happen. During this time of year, we can feel the ups and the downs of inner change and growth, maybe leaving us feeling a bit ungrounded or off center.


Did you know that some cultures actually celebrate the new year in the spring? Just about every culture around the globe has some religious celebration of resurrection, rebirth, fertility, growth, washing away of the old… you get the idea. The season of spring, with the flowers and the trees, is indicative of this very thing – new, beautiful growth out of the death and decay of the cold winter. And yes, this is a metaphor for our lives.

If we are to live a life more aligned with the seasons, this actually makes a ton of sense, to lean into our internal change and growth in the springtime - look outside...spring is literally the season of new growth. It is the resurrection of new life out of the death and decay of winter. It is our reminder that we can always begin to grow again. It is always our invitation to receive the light.

We celebrate our new year in the dead of winter. Why we try and recreate ourselves in the middle of the winter doesn’t really make sense. The winter season is a time of deep inner listening. Winter is a time of hibernation. It is a time to rest and to heal, not the time to grow!

So let me ask you this: Did you set New Year’s resolutions back in January? How did that go? If it didn’t go as you planned, maybe give yourself a break and take a lesson from Mother Nature. January wasn’t the time to sprout out in your best self, but now is a wonderful time for a renewal of you.

Just reading that might induce anxiety. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed in your life right now, which is unfortunately a "normal" thing in our modern world. But we can do better. Living from a place of constant overwhelm leads to exhaustion, resentment, lack of direction, and just generally feeling like you can’t do anything good enough. Does this resonate with you? Living from a place of constant survival wreaks havoc on our physical and mental health and creates this unpleasant feeling of being pulled in a thousand directions, and not knowing how to act, or what steps to take next.

The good news is this is the perfect time of the year to get clear about what you want more of in your life, and to make subtle (or BIG) adjustments, acting with a tremendous amount of compassion for yourself. Now is the time to do some physical and mental de-cluttering of your home, your car, your mind, and your heart. All of it. And come into a place of more peace, joy, and presence.

Now is the time to clear away the heavy thoughts and feelings, and to step into a feeling of lightness and spaciousness - to step into your brightness, living from a place of simplicity and embodying a more spiritually abundant way of being.

How do we do this?

First, by taking time for yourself – taking a few minutes in the morning to breathe, maybe write in you journal, or just sit and be. This should ideally happen before you check your email or wake the kids up. Take the time to be still, to think about who you really are (deep down, not the 15+ roles you play in life) and what kind of energy you vow to carry through your day, into every situation and every encounter.

Good work on taking a few minutes for yourself. Now, throughout your day check in with yourself. Are you living true to your intentions? Are you living authentically? Only YOU know the answer. Explore this with curiosity and compassion instead of self-hatred and criticism. And lovingly realign.

Next, your goal should be to live passionately amidst the mundane. This takes practice. Yes, life is routine. It can be maddening to do the same load of laundry for the 8 millionth time. Or to live the same Groundhog Day, day after day. We get it. Figure out what makes you passionate. Let that passion keep you alive. Know yourself well enough to be aware of the things that make your soul sing, and make time to engage in these things every single day. Make pleasure and passion a part of your life! We are on this planet more than to just work, cook dinner, vacuum, carpool kids around, go to sleep and wake up to do it all over again. We are here to live a soulful life full of experience, passion, and pleasure!

At every turn, choose courage. Don’t let fear trip you up. Speak your truth, follow your passions, and learn to listen to your inner voice instead of the voices of the world around you.

The bottom line is it is springtime, an ideal time to allow new energy to flow into your life. This isn't always a fun process. It takes turmoil and storm clouds to grow lovely flowers. So follow the guidance of nature all around you. If you don't know what I am talking about, start taking walks everyday to connect deeper with nature. Be willing to grow, even if life feels a little chaotic at the moment. Slow down, listen, live passionately, and courageously. Be open to receive the joy and the blessings of your blooming. Namaste!

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