The Lessons of Spring

Genesis. Renewal. Creation. Rebirth.

Spring is the season of transformation. As humans, this change is something that we naturally fear, however, our deep connection to nature shows us that we are completely and totally interwoven, and a part of these cyclical shifts - we are a part of nature’s cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. What a gift to be able to resurrect part of ourselves and our lives. What inside of you is wanting to be created and renewed?

As Spring arrives, instead of fearing and fighting the change, celebrate it! Embrace the beauty of Spring. She shows us just how beautiful it is to shed the old and embrace the new. This energy of renewal that spring brings forth allows us to reinvigorate ourselves and our lives – it’s the chance to begin again. We get to purge and let go to make room for the new, expanded, healthier versions of ourselves.

The Spring Equinox, celebrated today on March 21, is a time to recognize the sun’s predominate return to the sky, bringing us light, beauty, fertility, balance and freedom. In the Hopi tradition, the Butterfly Maiden is the Goddess that symbolizes the return of springtime and Earth’s fertility. The Butterfly Maiden reminds us of our ability to connect with nature. She also reminds us to reconnect with our own inner butterfly, our own ability to transform.

What in your life is in need of growth and renewal? Now is the time to be aware, asking these questions in meditation, allowing nature all around you to be your guide.

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