New Offering - Moon Circles!

Hi Wild Souls! It has been a while since we have put out a blog. We appreciate your patience with us as we continue this journey of figuring out what we want to do ‘when we grow up’ as a company. One thing we are committed to as a business is growing organically and flowing with what feels right, which is maybe not en vogue in the business world. However, we encourage our clients to live their most authentic lives and align with their gifts and purpose, along with creating a balanced, well life. And we feel strongly that our business must be set up the same way! We continuously strive to know ourselves individually and collectively, know ourselves as a brand, honor our gifts and align our talents with our client’s needs, while still being very much aware of our boundaries and capacities. Whew!!

So, we want you to know that we appreciate you. We appreciate everyone in our community, and we are beyond grateful that you have stayed with us through this journey as we discover ourselves as a yoga brand, what our strengths and niches are, and how we can best serve our community.

Which brings us to a new offering…Moon Circles!

One thing we know for sure is it is our greatest passion to bring women together in community. We have found in our work hosting retreats that there is this undeniable magical experience that happens on retreat. By accident, we learned that when women show up with open hearts and open minds, dropping the pretense, and willing to learn from themselves, about themselves, and connect with others that a very, very transformative experience occurs.

Why aligning with Life is so important.

We have also learned that when we as humans become more aware of and connected to the shifts and changes of nature that life somehow seems to flow a little more smoothly. It’s almost like we give ourselves permission to let our own energy shift and flow, allowing for times of higher energy, more activity and creation, as well as (and very importantly) giving ourselves the space to rest, relax, and slow down without guilt and pressure from ourselves and the outside world.

Let’s connect more often!

Moon circles are becoming a thing, and it’s such a wonderful thing! A quick Google search will yield all kinds of information on the topic, but the bottom line is a moon circle is a bi-monthly gathering of those interested in deepening their connection to the energies of the natural world, to themselves (mind, body, soul), and to other like-minded people.

Who can come?

Anyone! We have had teens join, mother/daughter pairs, sisters, and friends show up, and women coming solo to find a community! Men are welcomed too!

What do we do in a moon circle?

The agenda of moon circles fluctuate (because, you know, Life around us is constantly shifting and changing), but common practices in our moon circles include light yoga/movement, breathwork, guided meditations, journaling, intuitive developm