Meet Mandy Irons - Yogini, Celestial Mystic, + Brilliant Artist

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We will be highlighting amazing women in our lives as a part of our Sister Spotlight. Sister Spotlight is a feature of amazing women doing amazing things in the world. We want to share with you their spirit and their gifts. This week our Sister of the Week is the lovely Mandy Irons.

Mandy is a mother, business owner, certified yoga instructor, celestial mystic, and Creatrix Extraordinaire. She is passionate about nature and Native American culture. She is a gifted and inspiring artist, painting and creating the most beautiful art. She has a knack for soulfully capturing the essence of nature and the energy of life.

Mandy joined the Wild Souls team in 2019. As a part of Wild Souls, Mandy is instrumental in organizing retreats, teaching yoga and teaching about all things Nature and Native American culture, as well as bringing her gift of art and creativity to all Wild Souls projects. Mandy teaches yoga on retreat and creates and leads creative workshops on retreat. She also teaches yoga and workshops in the Denver area.

As a woman, Mandy has an incredibly beautiful spirit and captivating energy about her. She is warm, welcoming, nurturing, creative, intuitive, and intelligent. We are beyond grateful to have her on the Wild Souls team. We asked her a few questions – read on to learn more about Mandy.

WS: How did you come to yoga?

MI: I came to yoga seeking a deeper understanding and relationship of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Having researched ancient spiritual wisdom for many years, the pursuit of understanding the philosophy, physical experience, and mysticism of yoga was a natural step in my journey.

WS: What has yoga taught you about yourself?

MI: Yoga has taught me the power and beauty of the body and soul, and the incredible interconnectedness that we share with our breath, each other, and the universe. It has taught me how to live in the present, to seek calmness and clarity, and how to give myself grace and gratitude for this life, body, and spirit.

WS: What does art mean to you?

MI: Art and creativity is my vibration and energy force. It has played a huge role in my zest for life and brings me so much joy. It’s a comfortable space to create, tell stories, relax, and have fun with color and materials. For me, art is a forum to manifest my dreams and create unique experiences that I enjoy, and I hope others will too. It is a reflection of not only my own experience but of the greater human experience and our timeless relationship to the world and universe.