5 Ways to Nourish Your Friendships

Awwww girlfriends! Nothing better than an afternoon with your girls to get your mind right, to feel sane, to feel connected, to feel open & alive!

But as women we can often find ourselves wrapped up in the schedules of life and forget to prioritize ourselves and our friends. Duty calls most of the time...laundry, grocery shopping, making meals, work, cleaning, kid get it. I don't think anymore elaboration is needed:). And actually as you are reading this, you are probably thinking of all the things you have to get done before the week starts tomorrow. And of course, not to mention, navigating a global pandemic.

But wait...before you start creating a list for the week of all the have-to's, think of one friend that you absolutely LOVE to be with. Smile and send them some love. Right now...just do it! It may feel strange, but that's ok.

For me, girlfriends are the connection back to our soul. They are a reflection of everything that is good about us. They remind us of who we really are...pure, breathtakingly beautiful SOULS. Go ahead, do it again. Send some more love. Remember - what you give you will get back ten fold.

I have created a list of 5 ways to reconnect with your friends that can easily be worked into your schedule (with social distancing and face masks and no symptoms, of course). Put that person's name at the top of your list and reach out to them this week.

Make it a priority! You will be so happy you did!



5 Ways to Nourish Your Friendships!