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Everything about life is a cycle, including the very nature of our being. The deep connection and alignment that we intuitively seek can be found by rhythmically merging into the simple abundance of Nature herself. 


We tend to live our lives in one gear - GO. ALL. THE. TIME. 


Being in sync with the seasons is at the heart of wellness, according to Ayurvedic systems of healing. Our modern lives offer us many beautiful experiences, yet our exposure to technology, artificial lights, pollution, ETC can take us off track. It is possible to live in a modern world and still be deeply connect with Nature, and ultimately our own true nature.


Aligning with each season can gently bring us into more balance and ease in our lives, aligning us with our deep inner personal power. We have been working on this in our own lives, each year, each cycle, deepening our sense of presence and well-being. And because of that, we wanted to share it WITH YOU!


What if you gave yourself permission to pull away from the constant stimulation of life to anchor into your own internal source of power.  Poise. If you are seeking more internal space, more softening and ease, more balance and connection, and more healing and wellness, please consider joining us on our maiden voyage of our new program...


Finding Your Rhythm: Aligning with Earth + Sky


Our bodies aim for homeostasis naturally…which is a fancy way of saying all living things seek balance. However, our modern lifestyle promotes disconnection from our natural rhythms, therefore leaving us drained, moody, irritable, & out of sorts. Understanding how the natural cycles impact our health and well-being is key to living an aligned, balanced, well life.

Join Lisa and Kristin of Wild Souls Yoga as we explore the seasons, moon cycles, and our reconnection with the earth and sky to improve wellness, mind, body, and spirit.  Join our year-long online guided program (spring closed until 2020) for about $6.00/month. This time next year you will be glad you did.


Included in this year-long program:

  • Understanding our own rhythms, and finding our own unique optimum function 

  • Seasonal guidance

  • Exploration of mini and yearly cycles, and how they impact our biological rhythm (hormones, moods, physical health) 

  • The Rhythm of Nature: Season description as it relates to Ayurveda, TCM, & the Elements

  • How to cultivate Contentment in all "seasons" of life

  • Seasonal wellness tips & recipes

  • Seasonal meditations to become tuned into Mother Nature

  • Journaling prompts for learning the art of deep internal connection throughout the year

  • Women's wisdom for navigating the seasons

  • Community support

  • Weekly Inspirations






















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