Meet Us!

Lisa Reeder, RYT 500

Lisa is a gifted yoga instructor, multiple business owner, mom and wife that has a passion for inspiring and encouraging others. Lisa is unbelievably intuitive and funny, with the ability to see the depths of people and situations. She infuses lightness and love into everything she does, including teaching yoga. Lisa is calming, genuine, and nurturing, authentic, and brave. Her teachings speak straight to the heart. 

Lisa is  a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and has just over 1000 hours of training.  She has trained with Jeanie Manchester, Kirsten Warner, Amy Ippoliti, among others.  She has taught over 1500 yoga classes and recognizes the importance of alignment-based yoga.


Lisa is also a former Deaf Education teacher that is passionate about celebrating people's differences & similarities and building community through the power of yoga.  She is the Co-Founder of Signing Yoga For All, an organization that brings sign-accessible yoga to all, regardless of hearing ability.

Lisa is currently studying to become an integrative nutrition coach.

Kristin Schooler, RYT 200

After struggling with fibromyalgia and all the accompanying symptoms, Kristin left her corporate job needing a reprieve from the stress. Seeking healing and deep rest, Kristin found the practice of yoga and all of its infinite wisdom. Kristin is equally drawn to the science and the spirituality of yoga, and she is passionate about sharing yoga with others looking for more body awareness, more health, deeper presence, and profound peace in their lives.


Kristin's teachings are soulful, intuitive, and very energetic in nature, balancing the subtle bodies and calming the mind. Kristin is encouraging, poetic, and creative. Kristin has a teaching style that highly emphasizes the mind and body connection, and how it applies to our modern lives for more awareness, balance, flexibility, and connection.

Kristin always has her nose in a book and is always excited to share what she is learning at the moment, whether it's regarding the ancient wisdom of yoga, philosophy, women's studies, energy healing, etc.  She is conscious of creating a yoga environment with every person in mind.


Kristin is currently studying to become a certified nutrition coach & a certified health and wellness coach.

mandy art.jpg
Mandy Irons, RYT 200

Mandy is our new addition to the Wild Souls team!  


Having grown up on a small farm in Colorado, she spent most of her time under bluebird skies and crystal clean nights, taking time in peace and without distractions to witness to discover the surroundings and the spirit of nature and the animals around her.  She has a passion for adventure and enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, camping, and trips to the ocean.

Mandy’s curiosity about the connection between nature and the human experience led her to spend many years in academia and personal adventures studying anthropology, archaeology, and the humanities with a focus on Southwest, Plains Indian, and Central American cultures. 

She embraces a natural talent for the arts.  She is a musician playing numerous instruments including banjo, upright bass, drums, and native flutes.  She has traveled extensively to enjoy music, and you just may find her holding down a bass line at camp at a local bluegrass festival.

Mandy’s biggest passion is in the fine arts.  Her insatiable quest to study art and the humanities have resulted in a treasure trove of experience in painting, figure drawing, and Native American beadwork and natural fiber crafts.

The goal in her art is to create moments of the connection between Art and the Spirit, with hopes of evoking emotion, passion, and a quest for self-exploration. You can see her work on Facebook: Mandy Irons – of Art and Spirit.

To add to her tapestry of experience, she began her journey in yoga to seek a deeper connection between the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  She is a now a 200 YTT certified yoga instructor and blossoming teacher.  All these passions combined have created a unique and vibrant experience that she is eager to share and continue to grow with Wild Souls Yoga.